Security Officer – Crowd Controller

Security Officer – Crowd Controller

The security industry is a 24/7 profession and as entertainment precincts open for longer hours there is more need for Security Officer – Crowd Controller positions. The Australian Training Academy’s Security Officer – Crowd Controller is designed to enable you be licenced with the Office of Fair Trading (Qld) as a Security Crowd Controller. A Crowd Controller keeps order at a public place by:

  • Screening the entry of people at at place such as festivals, hotels and night clubs.
  • Monitoring or controlling the behaviour of people in a place.
  • Removing people from a place.

Some units in the list below have the letters ‘TR’ at the end, which stands for ‘triennial revalidation’. Every three years, as a licensed crowd controller, you need to successfully complete these units again to ensure you remain up to date with the latest techniques. You will receive the required completion dates for these competencies on the notice supplied with your security licence.

Security Officer – Crowd Controller Course Details

Course Name:Security Officer (Crowd Controller)
Units:CPPSEC2001A - Communicate effectively in the security industry
CPPSEC2002A - Follow workplace safety procedures in the security industry
CPPSEC2003B - Work effectively in the security industry
CPPSEC2005A - Work as part of a security team
CPPSEC2006B - Provide security services to clients
CPPSEC2011B - Control access to and exit from premises
CPPSEC2012A - Monitor and control individual
CPPSEC2014A - Operate basic security equipment
CPPSEC2015A - Patrol premises
CPPSEC3002A - Manage conflict through negotiation (TR)
CPPSEC3003A - Determine response to security risk situation
CPPSEC3007A - Maintain security of environment
CPPSEC3013A - Control persons using empty hand techniques (TR)
HLTFA311A - Apply First Aid (TR)
Cost:Please contact ATA on 07 3209 6000 for current prices.
Duration:Self paced study with two days in the classroom.
Prerequisites:There are no prerequisites to this course, however students should ensure that they are aware of licensing requirements (such as age restrictions and disqualifying offences).
Qualification:Security Officer Crowd Controller.
Outcomes:Skills and knowledge required to work as a Security Officer Crowd Controller and meeting the requirements to be licenced by the Office of Fair Treading (Qld).
Notes:This course is offered as a flexible course, including completion of a workbook and a two day attendance in classroom training. The (TR) at the end of the unit discription indicates that this unit will need to be renewed every three years.

Outcomes and Opportunities

On successful completion of the Australian Training Academy’s Security Officer – Crowd Controller Training Course, participants will be provided with a Security Officer – Crowd Controller qualification and may apply to the Department of Fair Trading (QLD) for a Crowd Controller Licence. Opportunities include employment in security / crowd control which are widely used in the retail, building, sports and entertainment industries.

Further Studies

Students wanting to advance in the security industry can go on to study the Australian Training Academy’s Certificate II in Security Operations or  Certificate III in Security Operations.


For more information call the Brisbane and Logan based Australian Training Academy on 07 3209 6000, our staff will be happy to answer all of your questions.

To register for a Security Officer – Crowd Controller Training Course, download the Enrolment Form or complete it online and simply return it to the Australian Training Academy.