What Students Say About Our Courses

Australian Training Academy

Good course to get a lot of knowledge about the industry”
Brendan C


“Well run and informative”
Andrew C


“I thought the training was great, I learnt a lot and will use these skills in security job. I will let people know about the course and advise that they do it”
Brendan C


“The course gave me an inside view of what to expect in the security industry within Australia. The training and information was updated with what is happening out in the security world.”
Maak O


“There was a lot of practical good advice given on how to handle situations with confidence and skill. The course was interesting and the staff helpful and generous.”
Tracey C


“The course was relaxed and time was taken so I could understand the training provided. I have learnt alot from this training and appreciate what Bob and Rod has provided to me. Thank you”
Anthony S


“I was previously employed in the industry – been away for 10 years. I found the course structure and information being facilitated was informative, clear and concise – I would recommend this training course to future candidates.”
David B


“Had a great time learning, fun and understandable, easy to digest and also a professional environment. Would come back for further studies if required.”
Jeremy T


“I thought the course was very thorough and covered all aspects of the security sector that were relevant to the course I was undertaking. The teaching methods used made it easy for me to retain the information given to me. Giving me the confidence to persue a career in the security industry.”
Luke C