First Aid Courses

First aid training Australian Training Academy

The ability to deliver First Aid could be the difference between life or death

First aid is the immediate care given to a person after they have had an injury or illness. First aid requirements vary from one workplace to another depending on the work involved and the types of hazards present, the workplace size, location and the number of people employed in the workplace.

The Australian Training Academy’s first aid courses are designed to prepare you for every eventuality in the event of an emergency and opportunities include general first aid training, and raising your skills for such industries as traffic, construction, mining, security as well as the industrial and corporate sectors. Our face to face first aid courses are delivered by fully qualified instructors.

The Australian Training Academy First Aid Courses

If you are seeking to increase your skills and have the best opportunities for employment, the Australian Training Academy’s First Aid Courses will give you the first aid training you need. Call the Australian Training Academy on 07 3209 6000 and find out more about our courses. All of of staff have relevant industry experience and can help you retrain and make the changes you want.